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By A Doctor For Doctors

"By A Doctor for Doctors" - is a concept adopted by our company Kerolos, LLC to create A Medical Supply Store Designed for Clinicians and also for all who seek an affordable medical supplies.

Dr. Kerolos was frustrated trying to find the right medical supplies for his practice. Long waits, backorders, and generic corporate stores didn’t meet his needs as a physician. He dreamed of a better way - a medical supply store designed just for healthcare professionals, by someone who understood their needs.

In 2023, Dr. Kerolos turned that vision into a reality, opening "By A Doctor for Doctors." With his medical expertise and business savvy, he built a unique medical supply store to serve clinicians.

Customer-Focused Design

Everything about "By A Doctor for Doctors" focuses on making supplies accessible for practicing doctors, nurses, and specialists. The layout is organized by specialty to make finding products easy. Popular supplies are always in stock so clinicians don't wait on backorders. Friendly staff offer personalized recommendations tailored to each patient population and practice.

Targeted Product Selection

Dr. Kerolos hand-selects products designed for medical offices and clinical use. He avoids consumer-grade items in favor of vetted medical-grade tools clinicians need. "By A Doctor for Doctors" carries a wide array of diagnostic instruments, sanitation supplies, scrubs, reference books, and more. New technologies are proactively sourced to keep practices state-of-the-art.

Custom Ordering and Delivery

Besides in-store shopping, “By A Doctor for Doctors” offers custom ordering and delivery options. Clinicians can request specialty items not regularly stocked or place standing orders for frequent supplies. Purchases can be packaged by patient room to simplify daily tasks. Same-day delivery ensures practices get orders promptly.

By designing a medical supply shop to truly meet clinicians’ needs, Dr. Kerolos created a new standard for accessibility and customer service. "By A Doctor for Doctors" isn’t just a store – it’s a model for empowering practices through thoughtful medical retail.